Under the motto ‘We don’t hire people to bake brownies, we bake brownies to hire people,’ The Greyston Bakery practices ‘open hiring’. It is their mission to employ former detainees, homeless people, recovering addicts and all those who struggle finding work because of a troubled past. Everyone in search of work can apply during a so-called hiring day.


There are no background checks or screenings before people are hired. All new employees follow an on-the-job training programme, which takes an average nine months. Greyston also offers subsidised housing, child care and food education classes for its staff. The bakery keeps a close eye on them and tries to detect any problems as early as possible. What happens when the bakery can’t keep someone? In that case they try to place these people elsewhere or offer further help. This initiative provides people like Dion Drew (in the video) with a second chance. With this approach, Greyston has helped over 19,000 families in the past 35 years. The company is also doing well economically, which means they have succeeded in combining a social impact with financial success. Inspiring!

Transformation. We believe that our acceptance of others where they are, followed bij right action, will lead to growth and positive change in the evolution of individuals, programs and communities.’