Over the past few years, kale has become extremely popular, particularly in America. In the form of crisps, available at organic supermarket Whole Foods, in a smoothie at the yoga studio, in a funny sentence on a t-shirt, in restaurants as a salad or made into pesto, and even in face cream. Kale is clearly the Lady Gaga of vegetables!

However…, even Lady Gaga can’t always take the number 1 spot. The cauliflower is booming and promises to be the next big hit. Not only does the cauliflower appear to be taking over kale’s top position, it’s also increasingly replacing essential ingredients. Cauliflower florets are prepared as buffalo wings, cauliflower steak, porridge, in the form of couscous and Chinese dishes such as Tsao chicken, but then without chicken! An increasing number of cauliflower-based dishes are appearing on the menus of hip bars and restaurants. Vegetarians and vegan guests can now finally enjoy something different than a vegetable quiche or goat cheese salad.

Cauliflower can be pan-fried, mashed, minced, stir-fried, steamed and deep-fried, plus it’s available in different colours and varieties. Think of purple, green, or even gold-coloured ones. A versatile vegetable indeed!