Cheese tea? What exactly is that? Well, it’s just what it sounds like: tea, with cheese in it. Not Cheddar or Old Amsterdam, but cream cheese, which can be sweet or salty. Originally this trend comes from Taiwan, after which it blew over to Singapore and Japan. Cheese tea continued its journey to New York, Los Angeles and London, where you can now find cafes serving this special cold (!) tea with a thick layer of frothy cheese. Hmmm, we’re not entirely convinced though…

In China and Taiwan there are huge queues waiting to get their hands on this new variety of tea. Some customers even queued for seven hours to be amongst the first people to taste this trend. Apparently, the tea tastes like a tea-flavoured milkshake and according to the makers, the sweet and herbal flavours taste delicious together. So, what’s on the menu? How about Jasmine Green Fluffy tea, or Dirty Mess Milk tea: black tea with milk, crème brulee cream cheese and crushed Oreos?

Unlike when drinking a milkshake or bubble tea, you are urged to drink the tea without a straw and risk a milk moustache. There are specials lids that feature two holes so that you can taste both the tea and the cheese in the same sip. After all, it’s all about that flavour!