What a time to be alive. The Western world is worrying about how to make life more sustainable while the United States, led by Trump, denies its CO2 problem. The old versus the new world. A society that is founded on money versus a social, ecological society. The big question is how to bring these two together in a responsible way.

Ten years have already gone by since I wrote a letter to Laurens Jan Brinkhorst, the Dutch Minister for Economic Affairs, about the introduction of a social code. A code that would allow companies that have the most social and ecological value to also pay the least in tax.  

This is still a relevant issue today. The motivation to become more sustainable now comes from companies that find it important that they leave the world a better place. However, there is not much commitment. When it comes to tenders, the cheapest is often preferred over the one with the most value. That’s a shame, because the results of an economic policy guided exclusively by money express its self-destructive nature. So why the lack of commitment? The power of old money?

Fortunately, money has never been Hutten’s motive. Hutten aims to contribute to culture, nature and people and gets great satisfaction from this. Of course, we have to be efficient too. In order to contribute to our vision, we are satisfied with less profit. Let’s be honest, De Verspillingsfabriek (The Waste Factory) enables us to put (food) waste high on the European agenda and in the Prinsess Maxima Centre, het nieuwe oncologische kinderziekenhuis, kunnen we ècht serieus bijdragen. We hebben al laten zien dat we kinderen met kanker weer kunnen laten eten door te verrassen en te verleiden met snoepGOED gemaakt van bijvoorbeeld groentes!

In June, we received the NCD Leadership Award from the Dutch Association of Board members and supervisory Board members. Man, are we proud of that award! Not for myself, but for the idea that every single person within Hutten is challenged to take their own lead and make the most of it. That means giving and having confidence, giving space so that the other can utilise that space. Oh… and mistakes are necessary! Just preferably not the same ones twice.

Well, we’ve had a fantastic and interesting year with plenty of opportunities for the future.

Enjoy the read,