The end of the festival season is almost in sight. We hear you thinking, what has that got to do with Obama? We’re not entirely sure ourselves, but the contours of his face have been translated to a hypermodern sound reaction mask: ‘Obamask’. This Kickstarter project has started a new hype in the party scene and is now releasing an extended collection. You can choose from designs featuring a jaguar, a fox, owl, Duke, robot, skull or gorilla to shine at your next dance party. This illuminating look does require some solid beats.

This amazing electro-luminescent mask is powered by phosphorus ink combined with a lithium modulator that converts sound waves into programmed patterns that create organic light… Yup, that’s right. In other words, the mask lights up to the rhythm of the music. The masks are easy to wear, extremely light, flexible and adjustable. They integrate art and technology in a highly versatile gadget that fascinates everybody who sees them. Unfortunately, the masks come without a set of excellent dance moves!