After the massive hype caused by the New York cronut, other bakers tried to come up with the next big thing involving croissants. Think of the cruffin, the red velvet croissant, the sushi croissant and the croissant with ice cream! At the beginning of this year, the Tacro was introduced. The Tacro is eaten like a taco but is made of crispy croissant pastry and stuffed with savoury fillings. This new variant appears to be a big hit.

A regular taco is practically impossible to eat without spilling, just like a croissant. That makes this new hype an interesting combination for a take-out meal. The colourful Tacros are doing particularly well on Instagram. The new rage was founded by bakery Vive La Tarte in San Francisco: a clever move. The Belgian owners Arnaud Goethals and Julie Vandermeersch developed the Tacro in 3 months and based it on their famous classic butter croissant. They did take some of the sweetness out of the recipe in order to create a better balance with the other ingredients. There are three fillings: chili chicken and avocado, slowly roasted pulled pork with pineapple, and a vegan Tacro with barbecued jackfruit and mango salsa.

The cronut, the cragel, the waffogato, milk & cookies shots: all creations by the famous French baker living in America, Dominque Ansel. If you’re planning a trip to New York, we definitely recommend a visit to his bakery.