To outsiders, the world of wine might seem a little stuffy, but the opposite is true! There are plenty of innovations and trends to be discovered. More and more sommeliers are leaving their restaurants. For example, a couple of excellent sommeliers founded the platform Sommos. This platform puts good wines, which would otherwise remain a secret for the general public, in the spotlight. They serve the best wines of the moment, both online and off, straight to your own dining table. A special birthday, a third date, a visit from your parents-in-law or a tasting at home with friends? They will help you find your way in the often too complicated world of wine. And there’s more, in a new collaboration with Albert Heijn they put together the ultimate Christmas box with 6 delicious wines and a Christmas menu! Wave goodbye to stress during the holidays this year, Sommos has done the work for you!

An increasing number of young people are becoming interested in wine. Thanks to social media and apps such as Winestein and Vivino more and more ‘youngsters’ are being introduced to wine, triggering their interest. Trendy wine bars are popping up everywhere, and the quality is improving. This trend will continue to develop. We drink less, but when we drink we choose better quality wines. At home, but also in restaurants: the house wine is dying out and even in plain bistros there are various open bottles of excellent quality to choose from. We are also choosing for more variation. Think of low-alcohol wines with an alcohol percentage of 8%, organic wine and bubbles. Now that the luxury tax on sparkling wine has been revised downwards, the really nice bubbles, such as spumante and cava, have become relatively cheap. That means that there are plenty of reasons not to save that bottle for special occasions only!